Owlsome Accessories! (Part one)

Owls are revered in many cultures as a symbol of wisdom and prosperity. My love for owls started when I was living in Japan. Walking around the shops and markets in Japan you'll see lots of owl charms, statues, toys etc.  Owls are seen as bringing luck and offering protection from suffering.
I love that owls have such deep meaning and significance and yet are also very cute!!  Owls have been in fashion on and off over the years, but they will always be a favourite of mine.

Photos taken in April 2017 at the Owl Forest in Harajuku, Tokyo.

                                                       "Hoot!  Hoot!"

Starting the day with a hoot-tastic cuppa!

Here are my favourite owl accessories:

 Scarf: souvenir from Greece

Brooch: made from vintage kimono fabric, bought at markets in Japan.

Necklace: Millers

Necklace: markets

Necklace: souvenir from Canada.

Rings from markets.  Bracelet from Lovisa.

Earrings: souvenir from Sweden.

Bracelet: souvenir from England.

Various other owl things: Top row: Japanese owl charm, brush, key ring.
                                         Bottom row: 2 mirrors and an emery board.

Image result for owl quotes 

Image result for owl quotes
Which owl accessories do you like the best?  


  1. This post is a real hoot!

    1. Thank you! I can't resist a good owl pun either!!

  2. I need some owls in my life! I love that mug.

    1. Yes!! You can never have too many owls in your life! Thank you for visiting!


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